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Doctor chan.png
Vital statistics
Position Doctor, Neko Power Specialist
Age more than three, probably
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

"ur neko powers have been activated!"

-Doctor-chan, episode 1

Doctor-Chan is a doctor at the hospital, and he speaks in a language that kills headphone users. He is the ex-husband of Bitch Vantas and father of Karkat Vantas. Throughout the series he aids and advises Sakura-chan to the best of his ability, but unfortunately his words of wisdom usually fall upon deaf ears. It's his job to keep new magical girls from killing each other.


He's a generic middle-aged stock photo doctor with lines for legs sometimes.


He is said to be a kind and patient man, but loses his cool when he's talking to Sakura-chan. He is mysterious and much about his past is unknown.

Powers & Abilities[]

Ultimate Life Form Doctor-chan

He has Angel powers to combat his ex-wife's Demon powers. Much about these powers is unknown, but he could fuse with Ookami-chan to create a much more powerful version of himself called the Fox Angel, and could even sprout angel wings while in this form. These powers may also let him use the power of love. He also possesses and guards the magical Neko Charm, which grants anyone with Neko powers.

Doctor-chan is an experienced medical doctor and is the only doctor in his hospital that has a specialty in dealing with crazed, bloodthirsty Nekos. He has saved Sakura-chan's life on many occasions.


Bitch Vantas[]

They were both married and had a very happy relationship, but after Bitch gained Demon powers and became evil, they have been adversaries. He wants to get rid of all the Demon and Neko powers inside of her so that things can go back to normal, but she is relentless.

Karkat Vantas[]

He is Karkat-kun's loving father. Karkat-kun unintentionally saved his father's life by falling in the way of Bitch's killing blow.


They are cousins. Their relationship and current feelings on each other are unknown, but it is most likely positive.

Sakura Katana-chan[]

They have a relationship much like that of a mentor and student. He helps her out and has saved her life a couple of times. Unfortunately she doesn't listen to his advice 100% of the time and he ends up losing his cool with her frequently because of her stubbornness.

Ookami Kitsune-chan[]

He teamed up with Ookami-chan in order to combine their powers and keep Bitch-chan from ruling the world. They're on pretty good terms and make a good team, as she actually listens to him, unlike Sakura-chan.

Alloin Lucias[]

He and Alloin are on bad terms because Alloin works for Bitch-chan, and bamboozled Doctor-chan into handing over the Magical Neko Charm by saying please.


  • The creator confirmed that Doctor-chan is an Heir of Light.
  • The man behind the Doctor-chan stock image has a stock photo daughter.