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Hinata Katana
Hinata chan.png
Vital statistics
Position Ancestor
Age 18-20 human years
Status Dead(?)
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Hinata Katana is a Troll and Sakura Katana-chan's annoying weeaboo ancestor. Sakura-chan inherited her Neko powers from Hinata-chan.


Hinata katana.png

Hinata-chan looks very much like Sakura-chan, but older. She has incredibly long pink hair tied into twin pig tails, with messy bangs and strands of hair that jut out in front of her ears. Her ears are fins, confirming her royal Troll status. She also has large breasts and her horns are much more grown than Sakura-chan's. She is always smiling. She also has a white tail like Sakura-chan.

Her eyes are always closed because they fire a constant laser beam.

Hinata-chan has sometimes been drawn with an ahoge.

She has rainbow blood and shares Sakura's heart symbol.

Her top half consists of red hair ribbons, a red collar with a golden bell, and some weird white skimpy kimono thing with large sleeves that have red thread material on the ends. There is a red and white ribbon tied around her waist area, keeping the kimono top closed. The kimono droops down, exposing her large tits. It has a collar with a red stripe.

She wears only red panties on her bottom half, and on her feet she wears socks with sandals. On her tail is a big red ribbon tied into a bow.


She is said to be incredibly annoying, and also a weeaboo. Not much else is known about her outside of this description, as she has not yet officially appeared in the anime.


Sakura Katana-chan[]

She is Sakura-chan's relative of sorts. They have never met each other however since she is technically not alive.