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Karkat Vantas
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Vital statistics
Position Aloof & Emotionless Love Interest
Age 16 human years
Status Dead(?)
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


-Karkat-kun, episode 4

He is Sakura Katana-Chan's ultimate love. Seriously, who wouldn't die for him. He appears in Episode one, in the theme song. He is the son of Bitch Vantas and Doctor-chan and attends School-chan. He was killed in episode four but that probably won't stop him and every other dead person from coming back.


Karkat hates everything mentioned and he does not like anyone. He is mysterious and talks the least out of all of the characters in the show so far. He has an aloof personality, not really noticing Sakura-chan at all and he just does his own thing. He has never smiled in the four episodes introduced so far. He actually cries under pressure as seen in episode four when Sakura-chan attacked him and Terezi. In fact, he was freaking out the whole time, possibly showing that he's way more expressive in this anime than was initially thought.

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He has gray skin, yellow eyes, and horns like all other Trolls. He wears the 69 symbol zodiac on his shirt, (which might explain why Sakura-Chan was so excited about 69). His face is always accompanied with a frown. He, alongside Terezi, Vriska, and Mr. Captor (Sollux), is a canon Homestuck character.

Love Interests

He doesn't feel any emotion towards anyone, but can be seen hanging out with Terezi-Chan. He does not like Sakura-Chan, as stated by Terezi-Chan. He is the object of both Terezi and Sakura's affections, which unfortunately lead to his accidental death at the hands of his own mother in episode four.


Bitch Vantas

She is his mother. He is the only person she loves more than being evil, and was devastated after accidentally killing him.


Doctor-chan is his father who loves him very much. Karkat-kun accidentally saved his life after falling in front of his mother's killing gunshot.


They are second cousins. It is likely that they've met, but the extent of their relationship is unknown.


She's the only character that he has been seen interacting with regularly. He is her love interest and she may actually have a chance with him, like Sakura-chan. He cried when Sakura-chan killed her.

Sakura Katana-chan

He never notices her but she is obsessed with him. She accidentally causes his death in episode four by dropping him in front of Bitch Vantas's bullet. He is her love interest as well.

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