Sugoi Quest For Kokoro Wikia
Sollux Captor-senpai
Vital statistics
Position Japanese language teacher at School-chan
Age 7.4 solar sweeps (16 years old)
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

"ok, cla22 open your textbook2 two page 69"

- Mr. Captor, episode 1

Mr. Captor is a teacher at School-chan and one of the only canon Homestuck Trolls in the series (the others are Vriska, Karkat, and Terezi). He most likely teaches a Japanese language class. He is voiced by homealonethree.


The same as his canon Homestuck counterpart, Mr. Captor is knowledgeable but introverted. He most likely suffers from Bipolar disorder like his canon counterpart. He takes his class seriously and will call you out if you're not paying attention.He's the same age as his students but he was so smart that he became a teacher.

He has psychic powers and emits psychic blasts (colored red and blue as well) and his theme is duality, blah blah blah.


He has two sets of small horns, short black hair, and grey skin. his eyes are red (right eye) and blue (left eye) under his glasses. He also has two sets of teeth that stick out of his mouth, giving him a lisp.

Mr. Captor wears a yellow sweater with a white button-up shirt underneath. He wears two ties, one red and one blue, with matching glasses. He also wears black pants.


  • He most likely has Neko powers because his canon counterpart has psychic powers and it'd make sense.