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Neko powers are the standard and most common magical girl power in Sugoi Quest for Kokoro. They reside in every living person, both Troll and Human, lying dormant until surfaced somehow, usually through outside forces or birthright. People with these powers are the driving plot points of Sugoi Quest for Kokoro alongside Sakura Katana-chan's quest for true love.

Ways to Activate or Acquire them[]

Doing drugs can cause a person's innate Neko powers to surface. It is unknown which drugs cause the surfacing or how many you are to take. There is, of course, risk of overdose and death, because you're shoving a bunch of DRUGS inside of you.

The Magical Neko Charm protected by Doctor-chan

Magical Items like Neko Charms[]

Magical Neko Charms are rare and powerful artifacts that awaken a person's innate Neko powers immediately upon activating them. It is also possible to take all of the power in a Neko Charm for yourself. Sakura Katana-chan is an example of this.

There are also magical items which bring Neko powers to the surface just like Neko Charms do, but a rare amount of them do it permanently.

Parents and heritage[]

It's possible to gain Neko powers through familial heritage. Sakura Katana-chan's Neko powers were inherited from her annoying weeaboo ancestor Hinata Katana.

Bestowment from Others Or just plain Stealing Them[]

A case of this is with Bitch Vantas, who gave Vriska Serket and Alloin Lucias Neko and Demon powers in exchange for their loyalty, and planned to use the Neko Charm to steal everyone in the world's Neko powers to become a God.

What Constitutes Neko Power[]

Neko powers usually, so far, consist of lasers, magical transformations, and murder.

Characters with Neko Powers[]

  • Sakura Katana-chan, inherited from Hinata Katana.
  • Hinata Katana-chan, who then hereditarily gave them to her descendant, Sakura-chan.
  • Vriska Serket, given to her by Bitch Vantas.
  • Terezi Pyrope, given to her by Bitch Vantas.
  • Bitch Vantas, she steals them from others and does not have them naturally.
  • Sugoii Mentos, who's powers were inherited from her parents.
  • Possibly Flayme Rayven, most likely given to her by Bitch Vantas.