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Ryubre Akfast
Ryubre Akfast.png
Vital statistics
Position Cooking teacher at School-chan
Age Same as Ryu, 10.62 Solar Sweeps, or 23 years old
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5"9
Weight 187 lbs

"Now class, I'm gonna show you how to make, the perfect omelette"

- Mr. Ryubre Akfast, episode 2

Ryubre Akfast is a teacher at School-chan. He teaches cooking class and is (obviously) heavily based on Ryu from the Street Fighter series. He sent Sakura Katana-chan to the principal's office in episode two.


He most likely has the same personality as his human counterpart, Ryu, meaning that he's probably a humble and respectful individual. He also displays a love and knowledge for breakfast-related cooking and knows how to make the perfect omelette.


Basically Ryu but a Troll, meaning he has grey skin, yellow-orange sclera, and long horns, one with an end shaped like the head of a spoon and another shaped like the head of a fork.

His clothes are the same has his human counterpart's.