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School-chan is where Sakura Katana-chan and other local teens go for education. It is the beginning setting for episode 1 and one of the most frequently used locations in the series thus far.


School-chan is a big brown building situated in the middle of a cherry blossom forest. It has 2-3 floors, and both front and back entrances. The front entrance has some forest in front of it, probably across the road that sits right outside. The road has cherry blossom trees lining it. In the distance, the city where a majority of the characters live can be seen in the distance, implying that the school is outside of it.

There is a shortcut to the back entrance through the forest.

Teachers and Staff[]

Bitch Vantas[]

  • The Evil Principal.
  • Has Vriska's gang harass students that she doesn't like.

Mr. Captor[]

  • Fucking Sollux Captor.
  • He may do Japanese language class or some shit.

Mr. Ryubre Akfast[]

  • Troll Ryu from Street Fighter who does a Cooking 101 class.
  • Knows how to make the perfect omelette.