Sugoi Quest For Kokoro Wikia
Skutch Meesha
Vital statistics
Position Student
Age 16-17 human years
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Not much is known about Skutch. They have appeared in the second opening for Sugoi Quest for Kokoro, and as a fellow student and background character in Terezi-chan and Sakura-chan's cooking class, but has not had a major role otherwise. Skutch's chumhandle is ambiguousAnatomy, a reference to their androgyny.


Skutch has an undercut that grows to the side, and lax eyes. Because of these eyes, Skutch looks out of it 100% of the time. They have the typical feature of most trolls, from the downward horns to the yellow-orange sclera. Skutch is a bit beefy but skips leg day, and therefor has skinny legs. Skutch needs to shave but never does. They may wear lipstick.

They have purple blood and their symbol is an X.


Nasty but fashionable

Skutch wears a black tank top style dress with their symbol on it and black boots.

School Outfit[]

Skutch is one of the only students who actually wears the original, unaltered white and blue school outfit that school-chan provides. They wear the girl's outfit, implying that they may be into dresses and skirts more than pants and shorts.


Largely unknown because Skutch has never interacted with anybody in the show. They may be forgetful (forgets to shave) and never fully there (blank, lazy eyes). Skutch has also been described as "nasty trash".


  • Skutch is Death420's (the creator's) favorite character.
  • Skutch's God tier title is the Queen of Eels.
  • Uses boots as their main weapon.
  • I don't know Skutch's gender (or if Skutch even has one) so I used they/them.