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Teacher chan.png
Vital statistics
Position Teacher at School-chan
Age 40-50 years old
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

"Sakura-chan... ur late.."

-Teacher-chan, episode 3

Teacher-chan is a teacher at school-chan and Doctor-chan's cousin. He makes his first appearance in episode four when Sakura Katana-chan interrupts his class. He most likely teaches math.


He's not shown much personality besides the fact that he is empathetic when he explains what happened to Terezi-chan. He's similar to Doctor-chan, probably because they're related.


He is a middle-aged human man represented by a stock photo. He has greying brown hair, light skin, and blue eyes with an average build. Teacher-chan also wears a suit and square rounded eyeglasses.



Not much is known about their relationship except that they're cousins. It was probably positive though.

Sakura Katana-chan[]

He tells her that she's late, which is probably a common occurrence. He also informs her of Terezi-chan's death and gets emotional, probably knowing how much Terezi meant to her. She also takes his class alongside Terezi-chan, Alloin-kun, and Skutch.


Karkat-kun is his cousin Doctor-chan's son, making him Karkat's second cousin. They both have most likely met but their relationship itself is a mystery.